3 Foot Conditions that You Should Not Treat At Home

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3 Foot Conditions that You Should Not Treat At Home

People love to recommend you to treat foot problems at home when you complain about them. While common conditions like corns and calluses are easy to address at home, there are some issues that requires professional help. Not only podiatrist have the tools, we have the training to help treat, and prevent conditions from worsening as well. If you are pregnant or have diabetes, you definitely should avoid doing it yourself, because your feet are calling for help.

Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain is a common problem that you may attempt to treat at home, and you put up with the pain. After all, it only hurts when you get out of bed, or trying to walk longer distance. You apply ice on it, or take anti- inflammatory medications to relieve the pain. With plantar fasciitis, the problem will persist until you eliminate the cause. When you suffer from heel pain, remember that it is your feet calling for help, and you should come see us to have it looked at.

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Some of you may cringe at the memory or it, or you have seen someone with a bad bunion. Hallux valgus, commonly known as bunions, is a lump that grows below the toe bone, on the outside of the foot. It is an ugly and painful bump, and you can no longer wear closed shoes because they rub against the top. Following that, you would start by wearing wider shoes or ice the offending bump. You delay the inevitable, preferring to let the calluses grow. You are afraid of the prospect of having surgery to remove the bunion, but if you address it early you can avoid that path.

Flat or High Arch Feet

You cannot tell by just looking, hence we have Biomechanical assessments and gait analysis. With proper training and know how, let us tell you for sure if you are a pronator, or you have a high arch feet. Without knowing what kind of footwear you need, you may be making your heel pain worse. Those soft EVA inserts you get from supermarkets may not be good for you, as they do not offer as much support as a proper pair of customised orthotics do.

Come To Us

Every family should have a family podiatrist, because when you have sore feet, it can be a barrier for a more active and fulfilling life. We use our feet for many family activities: hiking, camping and going to the beach to name a few. So let us look after your feet, so you can look after your family.

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