3 Tips to Prevent Overuse Running Injuries

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3 Tips to Prevent Overuse Running Injuries
Running is a popular exercise during summer, it is because you can take advantage of the sun light, as the sun rises early and sets late. You can go running as a group, or do it solo at your own pace. The problem with running outdoors, as well as any form of exercises, is there is a risk of injury. You can minimize the risk of getting injury by doing four simple steps, be the 25% of the population that does not suffer from overuse injuries.

Repetition is Not All That

You love to run, that is a given. But if you want to avoid suffering from overuse injury, it is a good idea to find a second or a third alternative cardiovascular exercise. Swimming or the cross trainer are good cardiovascular exercises that is impact free, allowing your legs to rest while you work out the other muscles. Other methods to increase strength without punishing your feet includes lunges and squats. Hence, you can still train your body on rest days, because your feet are worth it.

Prevent Overuse Running Injuries

Doing it Right is Important

Before you start to train for an event, or trying to get back into running after a hiatus, come find us. We have the set up to help you check if your running gait is good, and which shoes will provide best support when you run. While we cannot help you with achieving personal best, or hitting a milestone, we can help you maintain your running feet in tip top shape. Even the Flash has a team of scientist helping him be the fastest man of Earth, because he knows that doing it right prevents injuries, and allows him to be faster.

New Places New Speed

running in different locations Do you like running in different locations? If the answer is yes, then good for you! Changing up the pace and place can help you avoid getting overuse running injuries. Running on flat tarmac is not the same as running on soft grass, your feet has to made adjustments. While these adjustments slow you down, they also keep you from being too complacent with your training. It is easy to fall into habit, but habit is bad for improvement. Hence, change your running route, or mix up your training with different ratios of fast and slow pace. You can train your muscle to expect different scenario, which would then help with developing strength and speed.

Even though you might not be able to be 100% injury free during the course of your training, but every injury- free day is a great achievement. For gait analysis, or finding out of your shoes fit your training, do make an appointment with us. We can help you by making sure that your feet aren’t dragging you back. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and go for a run!