3 Step Program

Fit, Fun & Not Flat: 3 Step Program

 Does your child need relief from painful heel pain?

Sever’s is the most common cause of heel pain in young children and a very common condition we treat here at Adelaide Podiatry. If not seen to promptly, this can become a very serious issue for your child.

Ranging from discomfort when doing the simple things like getting out of bed right up to debilitating pain when trying to walk or run and everything in- between, it’s a nasty condition and one that needs to be treated fast once it presents and ideally prevented in the first place.

There are a number of symptoms associated with Sever’s including:

  • Gradual increase in pain over a prolonged period
  • Increase in pain when playing sport
  • Stronger pain when barefoot, particularly in the morning
  • Sore to squeeze the region

If your child has been expressing issues with these symptoms, you already know how much discomfort and pain it can cause; making even the little things in life difficult. A lot of our patients report that things like playing out in the yard with friends and exercise can feel near impossible. Hardly an ideal situation for a young, active child!

We are all so focused on leading healthy and active lifestyles and ensuring our children grow up fit and strong – but how can your child get fit and healthy, and stay that way if they’re unable to exercise pain free?

Quite simply put, it’s not possible, and that’s a problem.

Sever’s will usually settle after 6-12 months but can, in some cases, take as long as 2 years to settle. It’s important that if your child starts showing symptoms, you get to a podiatrist immediately so that recovery process can begin. There are a number of different tactics used to help accelerate the healing process and your podiatrist can provide guidance and advice for activities to ensure recovery. Healing Sever’s is something that doesn’t come easy and requires professional advice and tactics.

That’s why I’ve created The Fit, Fun & Not Flat: 3 Step Program

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Who it’s for?

The Fit, Fun & Not Flat: 3 Step Program is for you if:

  • Your child currently has heel pain that is bothering them, getting worse or simply not improving
  • Your child is prone to heel pain and don’t want it to come back
  • You are concerned about the footwear your child is currently wearing and how their foot shape may be causing issues
  • Your child is about to or is currently playing sport and complaining of pains when doing so

What will your child get?

In our Fit, Fun & Not Flat: 3 Step Program they will:

  1. Get crystal clear about what exactly is causing the heel pain and how best to avoid it
  2. Discover the three best self-managed tips specifically for your child to help them get pain free FAST
  3. Leave the session with confidence of knowing exactly what to do for your child’s individual situation so that they can get back to the life that you want in a step by step and proven way.

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If your child is suffering from painful heel pain, and you’re concerned about their health and development, or if you want to ensure that they avoid developing this nasty condition in the first place then give us a call on 08 8239 1022 (Melbourne Street Clinic), 08 8357 0700 (Fullarton Road Clinic/Adelaide Hills Clinic) or click the button above to request an appointment time with our one of our qualified heel pain relief specialists.

Get your happy feet on.

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