Advanced Technology Techniques

Process and Design

Biomechanical Examination

Your practitioner will perform a biomechanical assessment of your hips, knees, ankle and feet. This biomechanical assessment is important to make sure that the orthotic prescription is going to meet your body type, feet and your needs. Every person is different and so it is important to look at each person individually.

Computerised Gait Analysis

Your podiatrist will perform a computerized gait analysis head to toe. They will replay the video footage and inform you how this walking pattern impacts your body.

3D Foot Scan

A 3D laser precision scan of your feet is then done. This takes accurate measurements of your whole foot to make sure the orthotics have the best fit for you. Feet shapes can vary and so it is important to have a customized, personal assessment so that your orthotics give you the best results.

3D CadCam Orthotic Design

Your orthotics are designed from a combination of the podiatrist’s assessment, gait analysis and the 3d laser scan using the latest CAD cam software. 3D laser scan files are uploaded to a computer where the shape of the orthotic is matched to your feet using highly complex and accurate software. Possibilities are endless in CAD cam software and the orthotics can be designed in many different shapes and materials.

Orthotic Manufacture

Your custom orthotics are then manufactured by using cutting edge Australian technology and direct milled from various rigid or soft materials. They are designed to fit and colour coordinate your shoes.

Orthotic Fitting

Your orthotics are double checked your fitting appointment. In this appointment we will fit the orthotics into your shoes and make sure you are happy and comfortable before you leave. We have a small onsite laboratory, so you will not need to come back. Orthotics may take time to adjust to and we will give you instructions to smoothen this transition.

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