Are You Summer Ready?

by | Oct 27, 2017 | shoes | 0 comments

We are happy to tell the world that we have the new Vionic Beach range of flip- flops. These are different than your Havaianas thongs, because they are better. These Vionic Beach are made to walk on soft surfaces such as sand, but have mechanically correct heel elevation and contour, so your feet can still have support when you walk.

Designed to look like you are just going out for a walk, these Vionic ranges secretly provide you with arch elevation, in contrast to the ones that lay flat. The outer sole provides better shock absorption with its premium EVA foot- bed. If you have to pay good money for Havaianas, why not consider Vionic range?


A few of men’s design

As summer warrants a walk on the beach, or just a stroll without wearing bulk wrap shoes. You can be sure that the EVA foot-bed can absorb shock when you walk, while the soft uppers will not cut or chafe. Here are some of the styles the range as to offer. We do have some in stock, and we can also order them in for you.

The next time you come in for a check up, feel free to have a browse. Our friendly podiatrists are happy to do a fitting for you, and we can place an order for you.

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