Summer Shoes Buy Tips

How to Buy Shoes for Summer

Tired of buying shoes that never fit? Or your feet are aching for some good pair of shoes that do not chafe, hurt or maim? While it is a woman’s prerogative to wear killer heels, men sometimes fall victim to style over substance too. If you are reading this that means you want to have a pair of shoes that provides comfort, while making you look good. Having heel pain does not mean you have to suffer ugly wrap shoes in the heat.

Top Tips in

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Cortisone Injections : Why It Should Be A Last Resort

Cortisone Injections : Why It Is The Last Resort

You may have considered it, or you are considering it now, your doctor remains impassive when you bring it up. Cortisone injections have been an option for your heel pain, and it seems like it may be the only choice you have left to treat your heel pain. While you are hoping to avoid that path, but you have heard of miraculous, pain- free days of people who have had it, and it sounds tempting.

What is Cortisone

Cortisone belongs to a family called

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Adelaide Achilles Tendonitis



Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles was a famous Greek legend who was in the Trojan war, felled by a shot to his heel. Owing to the myth, the Achilles tendon is a band of tissue that runs down the back of the lower leg. The cord connects the calf muscle to the heel bone; hence it is also known as the heel cord. When you walk, the tendon helps lifts the heel of the ground, hence is an important band of muscle for mobility.

Tendonitis versus Tendinosis

Tendonitis or sometimes Tendinitis, typically refers to

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Tips to Avoid Heel Pain

Tips for Buying Shoes for Heel Pain

Do you feel like buying good shoes is a mystery that you cannot seem to solve? While females sometimes choose style and beauty over comfort, men too can suffer from shoes that fit poorly. Wearing poor fitting shoes can not only cause pain and discomfort, it can also precipitate foot conditions such as bunion, corn, blisters to name a few. If you are already suffering from heel pain, selecting the right footwear will avoid making your condition worse.

3 Things to Look Out For

Aside from

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Fitness – Use it or Lose it

Use it or lose it.

It may well be something you’ve heard a million times before. But when it comes to your fitness, it’s well worth remembering.

If instant gratification is your thing, exercise can be a drag. It’s not something you do once, then sit back and reap a lifetime of rewards.

Those rewards only come with hard work, consistency and self-discipline.

“You’re only as good as your last training session,” said sports scientist Tony Boutagy.

“In other words, you only get health benefits from a session for up to about 48 hours afterwards.”


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Why it’s important to look after your feet when living with Diabetes

Foot care
Looking after your feet

When you have diabetes you need to take care of your feet every day
Having diabetes can increase your risk of foot ulcers and amputations
Daily care can prevent serious complications
Check your feet daily for changes or problems
Visit a podiatrist annually for a check up or more frequently if your feet are at high risk


Your feet are at risk because diabetes can cause damage to the nerves in your feet, blood circulation and infection. Having diabetes can increase your risk of foot ulcers and amputations. This damage is

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Do you know the difference? Physio vs Chiro vs Osteopathy

If you’ve ever had a sore back, neck or knee, there’s a good chance you sought some kind of treatment for it — most likely from a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath.

The distinction between the three can be extremely confusing at the best of times.

Without knowing too much, it can seem these allied health professionals practise much the same thing: non-invasive, drug-free, manual techniques, which aim to improve physical health and wellbeing.

But scratch the surface and you’ll find claims and counter-claims about which method is most likely to work for you.


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