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Sever’s Disease Treatment Adelaide, 5000

sever's disease treatment Adelaide, 5000At Heel Pain Clinics of Adelaide, we see Children’s Heel Pain on a daily basis near Adelaide. Sever’s Disease is the most common cause of heel pain in young children. It is particularly common in boys aged 8-15 years of age. It is an inflammatory response of the attachment of the Achilles’ tendon to the heel bone. It is particularly common in the sports of soccer, AFL and netball.

What are the symptoms of Sever’s Disease?

Your child might suffer from the following symptoms:

  • gradually increasing pain over prolonged period
  • worsening pain when playing sport
  • heel maybe worse barefoot, particularly in the morning
  • tender to squeeze the region

What are the causes of Sever’s Disease?

In a growth spurt, the heel bone grows more rapidly than the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the leg. When the bones grow faster than the muscles, the Achilles tendon that attaches the leg muscles to the heel gets tight. It pulls on to a weak spot on the heel (growth plate). The growth plate of the heel is cartilage that has not yet to turn to bone and is prone to inflammation at the attachment site because of excessive pulling of the Achilles. This causes it to separate from the heel, fibre by fibre. There are a number of reasons why constant tearing of the Achilles away from the heel occurs leading to inflammation:

  • Growth of the child has made the bones longer than the muscles
  • Excessive over-pronation (flat feet)
  • Tight calves
  • Poor/soft footwear
  • Excessive sporting participation

Children's heel pain Adelaide, 5000Treatment for Sever’s Disease

At Heel Pain Clinics of Adelaide, we have our ‘Don’t Severs Your Child’s Foot System’ which treats the underlying factors which lead to stress of the heel growth plate.
The Heal Your Heel System comprises of three components:

  • Your Child’s Homework: Exercise Regime
  • Address Any Bad Footwear
  • Addressing Biomechanics

If your child has Sever’s Disease we have a 94% success rate with this program.

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