Facebook Live- 5 Things extra to address tight calves

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Facebook Live 6 November 2019

5 extra things to do for runners with tight calves

Strengthen them! its suggested that tight calf muscles can often be due to weakness
You can change reoccurring calf strains and tightness with developing adequate calf strength – body weight double leg calf raises are a great way to fundamentally build up your calf muscle strength and you can progress that to single leg for a challenge for the gastrocnemius. For the soleus, try a wall squat and simultaneously raising up onto your toes and holding
As a guide, build up to about half times your body weight with single leg calf raises for the gastrocnemius and 1.5 times your bodyweight for seated single leg calf raises for soleus.
plyometric exercises generate high amounts of sports especially if you play sports and need that sport specific training vertical jumping/hopping are great way to build up calf strength and endurance
as we age, we lose calf strength and size in the calf muscles, so in order to prevent this from happening perform calf strength training 2-3 x p/w