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Weight loss and heel pain

This topic arose for us due to a patient at our clinic with heel pain that she had for 7 years and around year number 2 she lost 30kg which brought her pain from a 9/10 all the way to a 3/10, which just shows how important weight loss is when treating heel pain

When we walk there is approximately 3 times your body weight going through your feet which is a lot of added pressure. If you add sports and activities such as running this can increase to 10 time your body weight. Think about how much more force is needed in activities like jumping and rebounding

Isaac Newton has an equation
force = mass x acceleration

Mass is your bodyweight and acceleration is gravity, which is usually around 10.
If you have a person carrying an extra 10kg lets do the maths.
If they are walking lets x that by 3 so 30. and now x by 10 for our gravity/ acceleration.


If like our patient its an extra 30kg.When she is walking it would be 3 x 30 x 10. This is 900 newtons of force which is an extraordinary amount of force.
The average person takes 5000 steps a day. With 900 newtons of force vs 300 that’s a difference that all adds up!

Our Exercise physiologist Josh is here to help you with not only heel pain rehab exercises but also able to help with your weight loss goals