It is that time of year again when its back to school. Its crucial to get your kids fitted into the correct shoes that they will be wearing everyday. Here a a few tips to remember 

1- Get the shoes fitted correctly. Our guide is make sure there is 1/2 to a full thumb width of room at the end of the shoe. Firstly to allow growing room but also to make sure their toes aren't pushing against the end

 2- Look for velcro, buckles, laces or straps. Something that will hold your child's foot in place throughout the day to prevent their toes from clawing.

 3- A rigid shoe. We are looking for something that is not to bendy. The heel counter of the shoe should be firm, should only bend where the toes bend, and you should not be able to twist it like a towel 

If you are looking for school shoes a brand we recommend at the clinic is ascent, and if your after runners brands such as Brooks, Asics, Saucony, Mizuno and new Balance are a great place to start 

Enjoy the rest of the holidays

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