Facebook Live- Treadmill running vs outdoor running

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Facebook Live 3rd December 2019

Treadmill vs Outdoor running:
– Treadmill running
With running on a treadmill, it makes it a lot easier to run since the belt is essentially moving for you and you’ll be heading in a straight line. As opposed to running outdoors where you’re having to jump/hop around a lot more over curbs, darting to the side to dodge people and run up and down hill as well.
Running on treadmills have been found to absorb a lot more of the impact forces onto your heels and reduce the stress onto your joints as opposed to running outdoors. You tend to increase your cadence or step count which reduces the amount of force on your heels by shortening up your stride length, so it’s recommended to begin treadmill running post-injury when you’re just getting back into it. There’s also the comfort of running indoors but the main factor is being able to control the speed and inclination of the treadmill at any point.