Foot Care for Kids

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Foot Care for Kids

From birth, we are always fascinated by our children’s growth and development. You measure your child’s height and weight, and chart developmental milestones. As they grow older and start to walk, you start to chase them around as they become more independent and mobile. While you are enjoying your child’s achievements, here are some few reminders about your child’s feet. Addressing them when they are young can help prevent more serious issues later in life. Helping your child put their best feet forward is easy.

W- Sitting

W- Sitting
There are mixed opinions about W- sitting, due to its influence in posture and hip alignment. There are also studies that links sitting with legs folded underneath with a W shape with pigeon toes. Children can have many sitting positions; some favour this position as they can quickly move into crawling position. While it is hard to make your child change sitting position, you can instead make sure that they do not sit with their legs in W shape for too long.

Selecting Footwear
With rapid growth, it can be tempting to buy cheap shoes that offer no support, and break down quickly. Shoes need to protect your children’s feet from external elements when they are out and about. For active kids, it certainly pays to invest in a good pair of school shoes. It also helps to check the wear at the soles of the shoe: uneven wear can be a sign that your children roll their feet when they walk. If you notice uneven wear, make an appointment with us and we can help you with analysing your children’s gait.

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Feet Check
Children are more prone to warts than adult. Plantar warts are caused by human papilloma virus. The warts tend to appear in areas of friction and pressure, as the skin structure is weaker there. Without treatment, the warts will resolve itself in about two years. But if the hard, fleshy growth is hurting or interfering with life, it can be removed. You can try using pharmacy wart removing creams or freezing agents. If you are unsure of what to do, pay us a visit and we can help you get rid of the annoying wart on your child’s feet.

A pair of healthy feet can keep up with your children’s active lifestyle, and we can help you keep them that way. Let us help you with making your children’s growth a pain free one.