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Achilles Tendon Pain Adelaide

Do you wake up limping in the morning?

  • Is your Achilles stiff in the morning getting out of bed?
  • When playing sport or exercising, is it sore when you warm up or cool down?
  • Does it ache at the end of the day following a big day on your feet?
  • Is there a swollen or thickened lump in the Achilles tendon or behind the heel?
Achilles Tendon Treatment

Achilles pain is our second most common injury we see at Adelaide Heel Pain Clinics. At our our specialist clinic we see 25 cases per day of this injury commonly labelled Achilles Tendinitis or Tendinopathy. We have a special focus in diagnosing and treating this condition, and our niche are cases that have been chronic and difficult to fix. We have found we are either the first professionals people see for plantar fasciitis, or the one after they have seen multiple health professionals like GPs, podiatrists, physios and surgeons.

The condition labelled Achilles Tendonitis or Tendinopathy can be a serious problem for you. It’s a nasty condition and one that needs to be treated fast once it presents itself or ideally prevented in the first place. Studies have found that when the injury enters its 6th month the texture of the Achilles Tendon has profoundly altered and making the tendon pain free is more difficult and will take much longer.

Adelaide Heel Pain Clinic proudly offers quality Achilles Tendonitis treatment to residents of North Adelaide, Eastwood, Parkside, Glenside, Frewville, Fullarton, Dulwich, Toorak Gardens, Malvern, Highgate, Myrtle Bank, Bowden, Brompton, Prospect, Sefton Park, Walkerville & surrounding suburbs.


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Achilles Pain

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Why is my Achilles stiffer in the morning?

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