Strapping Adelaide

Why do we use Strapping?

Our practitioners utilise strapping (also known as taping) to help heel injuries recover. Strapping has multi-faceted benefits:

  • Reduce swelling by compresses the region of your heel
  • Supports a weakened or injured structure like the plantar fascia or Achilles Tendon
  • Decreases the workload of your overused weakened structures
  • Increases your proprioceptive input (which is your brain’s ability to perceive where it is in space)
  • Help your brain perceive where your joint is in space – this is called proprioceptive input
  • Elastic tape can be applied to amplify a muscles ability to perform its function
  • Retrain or improve your foot posture
  • Assists in determining your diagnosis
  • Assists in providing a long term prognosis to our treatment plan

Long Term Implications of Strapping:

Strapping is a vital tool to many of our treatment regimes. Strapping places the foot in better alignment and allows your heel to move better, therefore reducing the load on the injured structures. It can be a very effective in reducing your heel pain and allowing it to start to heal. Unfortunately, it is not a long term solution as skin irritations will occur.

However, most importantly, it allows your practitioner distinguish a more beneficial long term solution to your underlying biomechanical issue. It may assist setting up:

  • Rehabilitation exercise regime
  • Footwear recommendations
  • Prescription of Custom 3D Laser Scanned Orthotics