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Heel Pain Treatment Walkerville, 5081

We have been treating heel pain problems in Walkerville for the last 14 years and have over 10,000 happy clients walk through the door of our Adelaide Heel Pain Clinics.

  • Do you wake up limping in the morning?
  • Are you hobbled for your first few steps after sitting for a while?
  • Have you had to stop walking or exercising because of your heel?
  • Does your child need to stop halfway through sport as they are limping from heel pain?
  • Is the pain under your heel or in your arch?
Join the other 10000 South Australians over the past 14 years who are pain free
Heel pain is the number one case of foot related injuries that we see here at Adelaide Heel Pain Clinic.

Heel Pain can be a serious problem for you. It’s a nasty condition and one that needs to be treated fast once it presents or ideally prevented in the first place. Often our patients will report that they just can’t get up and go anymore, playing with the kids gets harder and exercise becomes near impossible. It will be a major issue for you (and your exercise plans) if you don’t act early.

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Most cases of heel pain are caused by Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendon Injury, (Children's Heel Pain) Sever’s or a Heel Spur. In the case of Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs and Achilles Tendinitis the injury site can actually completely rupture and then surgery is the most likely.

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