Summer Shoes Buy Tips

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How to Buy Shoes for Summer

Summer Shoes Buy Tips

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Tired of buying shoes that never fit? Or your feet are aching for some good pair of shoes that do not chafe, hurt or maim? While it is a woman’s prerogative to wear killer heels, men sometimes fall victim to style over substance too. If you are reading this that means you want to have a pair of shoes that provides comfort, while making you look good. Having heel pain does not mean you have to suffer ugly wrap shoes in the heat.

Top Tips in General

Here are some tips you can try when shopping around for a new pair. First of all, go shoe shopping in the afternoon. Your feet can be half a size larger by towards the end of the day, trying on shoes with larger feet allows some accommodation for that.

It might be tempting to buy that shoe with the pointy toe box, but it is bad for your toes. Squishing your toes together can cause pain, which you already may know. But long term effects such as ingrown- toenail and bunion can be painful to fix; hence you might want to rethink selecting a pair with toe box that is too small or narrow.

We all know that high heels can cause pain, but ballet flats can also give you grieve by providing no support at the arch. A good pair of shoes should have arch support, and the arch of the shoe and the ball joint of the foot align properly. After you put on the shoes, you should see that the ball of the foot and shoe should bend at the same location. If you are unsure, try bending the shoe and see where it bends.

Look is still Everything

When all is said and done, we know that you are unwilling to completely sacrifice style for comfort. Hence, we have Vionic and Revere shoes in our clinic, to show you that comfortable shoes can be stylish as well. These shoes have foot- bed which uses their orthotic technologies to ensure that you get support at the right places.

Finally, you will be able to have a pair of good looking shoes that does its job well. We have some styles available, and most of the Revere shoes have removable insoles. You can swap the insoles with your custom made one, or you can wear them as is.

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We have shoes in stock

If you are interested in any of the shoes, please come in and we can measure your fit and order these supportive beauties in. While you are here, why not have your feet checked out as well?