The Three Mistakes You Make With Your Feet

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 Three Mistakes You Make With Your Feet

The Three Mistakes You that Are Hurting Your Feet

As the weather is warming up, and everyone is swapping closed shoes to summer footwear. You look down on your feet and you realize that you have been neglecting your feet. Not only your feet has thick skin build up, the toes are somehow squished together, and your feet hurts. You itch to wear slippers, but they make your feet hurt even more after a few steps, not to mention it looks it needs some TLC. Here are three mistakes that makes your feet hurt more, and stops you from enjoying life to the full.

Poor Shoe Choices

We have all been there, choosing the flashiest pair of shoes over a pair that would support our feet. Sometimes we forget that our feet do a lot of weight lifting, and support is important when choosing the correct shoes. Shoes that have too high or too flat arch can cause heel pain. High heels or shoes that have higher arches can shift the weight of the body to the toes, causing the heel muscles to compress too much and become stiff. Flat shoes such as flip- flops and ballet flats has no arch support, if you have flat feet, you will feel pain as the bones and muscles absorb more impact when you walk and run with flat shoes.

Poor Shoe Choices

Ignoring the signs

Aside from pain, signs that you have been neglecting your feet include corns, calluses and blisters. Corns and calluses grow when you wear shoes that do not fit well, causing your feet to rub against the shoe at specific points. When blisters grow and pop, bacteria has the opportunity to cause an infection. If you ignore the signs long enough, ingrown toe- nails and bunions will start to occur. Paying attention to your feet every day by massaging them after a tired day’s walk can help you check for any problems such as fungal infection or a wart.

Not Seeking Help Early

Not Seeking Help Early

Brushing the issues under the carpet does not help you when your feet are hurting. Dragging your foot can cause the issue to worsen, and in most cases the journey to recovery is longer. We help with many foot related issues, from arch pain to yellow toenails. The trick to getting your foot problems fixed is to come in to us, where we are trained to look after one of your most important part of the body: your feet.