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What Are Orthotics?

Orthotic devices can greatly enhance your standard of living whether it be a solution to pain or prevention of future issues.

Clinical Studies have found that 85% of patients who receive orthotic therapy for relevant injuries report an improvement to complete resolution of pain. (Please see below for examples of these studies)

The Adelaide Heel Pain Clinic’s orthotics are unique arch supports, custom designed for individual feet utilizing the most cutting edge technology. They are prescribed by our sports podiatry staff who are the best-qualified members of our team to ensure the best device for you.

Advanced Technology actually means less costly Orthotics!

Computerised gait analysis

3D Laser Scanned Orthotics Adelaide

Our 3D orthotic devices are laser manufactured and there are two benefits from using cutting edge technology over hand-made devices:

Exceptional accuracy to prescription: +/- 0.5mm (man made are subject to hand-eye error)
Far fewer labor costs (laboratory technicians are $40 an hour).

Orthotics Cost

Here are two factors that determine the cost when considering prescription orthotics:

  • Foot examination. Our podiatrist conducts a thorough analysis of your lower extremities, gait, and lifestyle. This may include things such as x-rays, gait analysis and various other tests.
  • Casting – A podiatrist takes a non-weight bearing cast of your feet.

Thankfully due to reduced labor costs you will find our more accurate devices are $150 to $300 less than other prescribers.

Adelaide Heel Pain Clinic’s have two locations in North Adelaide and Eastwood. Many of our patients come from surrounding areas including Unley, St Peters, Parkside, Walkerville, Norwood and Toorak Gardens.

Biomechanical examination
Adelaide Heel Pain Clinic’s Process to Manufacture Orthotic Devices:

1. Biomechanical Examination (BME)

Your practitioner will perform a biomechanical assessment of your hips, knees, ankle, and feet. This BME is important to make sure that the orthotic prescription is going to meet your body type, feet, and your sporting/running needs. Orthotics can be used to aid in the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Heel Pain and Severs.

2. Computerised Gait Analysis

Slim line or dress orthotics are made for more specific shoe types, such as sandals, football boots and cycling shoes, where other styles of orthotics just won’t fit. Due to the fact the orthotics are made digitally we can size them to any width to the nearest millimeter.

3. 3D Foot Scan

A 3D laser precision scan of your feet is then performed by our podiatrist. This takes accurate measurements of your whole foot to make sure the orthotics have the best fit for you. Feet shapes can vary and so it is important to have a customized, personal assessment so that your orthotics give you the best results.

4. 3D CADCAM Orthotic Design

Your orthotics are designed from a combination of the practitioner assessment, gait analysis and the 3d laser scan using the latest CAD cam software. 3D laser scan files are uploaded to a computer where the shape of the orthotic is matched to your feet using highly complex and accurate software. Possibilities are endless in CAD cam software and the orthotics can be designed in many different shapes and materials.

5. Orthotic Manufacturer

Your orthotics are then manufactured by using cutting edge Australian technology and direct milled from various rigid or soft materials. Generally, those involved in running and sport we favor soft flexible devices. They are designed to fit and color coordinate your shoes.

6. Orthotic Fitting

Your orthotics are double checked in according to the prescription. In this appointment, our podiatrists will fit the orthotics into your shoes and make sure you are happy and comfortable before you leave. We have a small onsite laboratory so you will not need to come back. Orthotics may take time to adjust to and we will give you instructions to smoothen this transition.

Evidence for Orthotics

*Studies showing results of orthotic therapy (please note these are over 10 years old. Orthotic technology has improved so the results should be better)

Walter JH, Ng G, Steitz JJ: A patient satisfaction survey on prescription custom-molded foot orthoses. JAPMA, 94:363-367, 2004.

In a 2004 study of 275 patients that had custom foot orthoses for over a year, the majority of subjects obtained between 60-100% relief of symptoms with only 9% reporting no relief of symptoms.

Moraros J, Hodge W: Orthotic survey: Preliminary results. JAPMA, 83:139-148, 1993

In a 1993 study, 83% of 520 patients were satisfied and 95% reported their problem had partially or completely resolved with orthoses.

Donatelli R, Hurlbert C, et al: Biomechanical foot orthotics: A retrospective study. J Ortho Sp Phys Ther, 10:205-212, 1988.

In a study of 81 patients, 91% were “satisfied with orthoses” and 52% “wouldn’t leave home without them”.

Our Guarantee

At Adelaide Heel Pain Clinics, we guarantee our orthotics. If you are unhappy with them in any way, we will adjust them with our in house laboratory until you are.

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