Advanced Technology Techniques

Focussed (Focal) Shockwave Therapy

Focal Shockwave is the most advanced machine to combat our two most common injuries at the Adelaide Heel Pain Clinics: namely heel and Achilles injuries. It can also be used in the tendons of the ankle and patella (knee cap).

It is the one of only a handful of machines in the country and is the only one in Adelaide and the state of South Australia.

We use this machine if your pain fails to respond after the more common Radial Shockwave Therapy.

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The main difference between the more common radial shockwave and the focal shockwave is the sound waves are delivered in a more pinpoint, deeper manner. So they can penetrate deeper. Radial shockwaves go approximately 2mm deeper and cover a greater surface area.  Meanwhile the Focal shockwaves penetrate between 12-15mm but have a much smaller suface area.

How Successful is it?

Studies have found that the success rate of Focal Shockwave is around 65-70%. Since there are only a small number of these machines worldwide there aren’t as many studies on it.

There seems to be no overlap between in success and failure rate in radial and focal shockwave. However, we have found it is successful in reducing symptoms in half of the patients that don’t respond to Radial Shockwave.

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What Conditions can Shockwave Help With?

Conditions in which shockwave can help include:

  • Shin Pain
  • Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy
  • Peroneal Tendinopathy

How it Works:

Focus Extracorporal Shockwaves are high energy acoustic waves. In Focused Shockwave Therapy, this wave is focused through a lens and transmits into the body up to a depth of 12mm.
In the body the acoustic waves stimulate the cells and the body’s internal healing mechanisms and decrease pain.