Advanced Technology Techniques

Rehabilitation Exercise Programs

We use techniques like hands-on treatment, strapping, dry needling, shockwave therapy to reduce pain in the short term. Once the pain is reduced and under-control, the second phase is making your body stronger. Therefore, it more robust and resilient and our aim is to create that 10% buffer to reduce the occurrence of relapse. We achieve this through supervised exercise programs using the latest technology in the AxIT system.

At Adelaide Heel Pain Clinics we find when people undertake sustained periods of supervised-exercise they report reduced likelihood of relapse. Also, their bodies function better and are able to exercise more and better (for those who strive for personal bests).

There is a movement in health where the evidence and research are now saying that exercise therapy in conjunction with education is the most effective form of long term treatment for any musculoskeletal pain of the body.

Rehabilitation Exercise Programs
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