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Shockwave Therapy Tusmore

Adelaide Heel Pain Clinics offer shockwave therapy to the Tusmore community.

Radial Shockwave is one of our core techniques to combat our two most common injuries at the Adelaide Heel Pain Clinics: namely Heel and Achilles Tendon injuries. It can also be used in the tendons of the ankle, knee and shin pain.

Unlike surgery, it has no recovery time and long term side effects.

Shockwave Therapy Tusmore

Our team has the gold standard in training programs with these machines. We have four of these machines and perform over a hundred shockwave treatments a week which ranks us as the largest user of Shockwave Therapy in Australia. Each of our podiatrists rank in the top 10 largest users of Shockwave Therapy, so one could say they have a lot of experience with these high technology pieces of equipment.

In the past, shockwave has been reserved as a last resort form of treatment with surgery. Due to our large volume of shockwave therapy treatments we are able charged half the cost for those covered by private health insurance and approximately 30% less for those without private health insurance.

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How it Works:

Extracorporal Shockwaves are high energy acoustic waves. In the body the acoustic waves stimulate the cells and the body’s internal healing mechanisms and decrease pain.

How successful is it?

Being the largest user of shockwave in the country we found that the success rate of radial shockwave is around 70-75%. We encourage you the client to be very sceptical of places claiming a 90-95% success rate. As mentioned we are the biggest provider of shockwave in the country and when we speak to other specialist Heel Pain Clinics (Overseas and Interstate) which use shockwave regularly they report a success rate around that 70-75% mark.

Essentially, about one in four times, it unfortunately does not work. If that is the case we move to Focal Shockwave, Dry Needling and Cold Laser.

What Conditions can Shockwave Help With?

Conditions in which shockwave can help include:

Shockwave therapy treatment Tusmore

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