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Orthotics Ovingham

Adelaide Heel Pain Clinics offer custom orthotics to the Ovingham community.

How Do Orthotics Help?

Orthotic devices can greatly enhance your standard of living whether it be a solution to pain or prevention of future issues.

Research studies have found that 85% of patients who receive orthotic therapy for relevant injuries report an improvement to complete resolution of pain.

Adelaide Podiatry Centre’s orthotics are unique arch supports, custom designed for individual feet utilizing the most cutting edge technology. Our orthotic process & design will ensure you receive orthotics that fit comfortably, support your feet and that you are happy with!

Orthotics Ovingham
Types of Orthotics

We offer a range of different types of orthotics at our podiatry clinics including:

Standard Half Length Orthotics

Half length orthotics where the top cover stops at the end of the orthotic shell – the main part that provides support for your feet.  Half length orthotics require less room in the toe box of footwear, allowing flexibility and  ease in wearing your orthotics across a range of shoe styles.


Orthotics made specifically for comfortable walking or tailored to a particular sport or activity. Sports orthotics are generaly made softer to prevent blistering, and support-modified dependent on the sport and footwear.


Slim line or dress orthotics are made for more specific shoe types, such as sandals, football boots and cycling shoes, where other styles of orthotics just won’t fit. Due to the fact the orthotics are made digitally we can size them to any width to the nearest millimeter.


Ultra slim orthotics for shoes where regular sized orthotics are impractical or impossible. This style of orthotic has an adhesive base and can be fit into practically any shoe for that extra support. They are recommended for heels and open shoes.

Custom Orthotics Ovingham
What Conditions Can Dry Orthotics Help With?

Conditions in which orthotics can help include:

The Orthotic Fitting Process

To ensure  your custom made orthotics are the perfect fit, size and shape for your feet, our podiatrists perform a detailed analysis. Our orthotic fitting and design process covers a number of assessments to determine your individual requirements and create a precise and accurate pair of orthotics for you.

Biomechanical Examination

Your podiatrist will perform a biomechanical assessment of your hips, knees, ankle and feet. This assessment is important to make sure that the orthotic prescription is going to meet your body type, feet and your needs.

Computerised Gait Analysis

Your podiatrist will perform a computerised gait analysis head to toe to assess your walking pattern and it’s impact on your body.

3D Foot Scan

A 3D laser precision scan of your feet is then performed. This takes accurate measurements of your whole foot to make sure the orthotics are the best fit for you.

3D CadCam Orthotic Design

Your orthotics are designed from a combination of the podiatrist’s assessment, gait analysis and the 3D laser scan using the latest CAD cam software to match the shape of your orthotics to your feet.

Orthotic Manufacture

Your custom orthotics are manufactured from the design using cutting edge Australian technology and direct milled from various rigid or soft materials.

Orthotic Fitting

Your orthotics are double checked your fitting appointment. In this appointment we will fit the orthotics into your shoes and make sure you are happy and comfortable before you leave.

Our Gurarantee

At Adelaide Heel Pain Clinics, we guarantee our orthotics. If you are unhappy with them in any way, we will adjust them with our in house laboratory until you are.

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