Do You Want to Walk, Run and Jump Pain Free?

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Walk, Run and Jump Pain Free

If you dread walking because it hurts, or always planning your daily activities around walking, life can be difficult. Feet pain is one of the common reasons you limit going out or playing sports with friends and family. Your feet bears a lot of weight, while walking and running produces impact. Here are a few tips on how to avoid getting feet pain, so that you can move on with your life without problems.

Warm up before exercise

If you are not warm enough before you engage in a high intensity exercise, ultimately your muscles can tear quicker. Warning up increases blood flow to the muscles, providing food and oxygen before you start working out. Same goes for your feet, light stretching to the heel and calf muscles can avoid pain later on. A light jog or walk around before your start running, so that your brain and body can start activating the muscles for balancing for the run later on.

Warm up before exercise

Rest when Required

One of pain’s function is to limit movement. Pain is an unpleasant stimuli that discourages you to use the injured part of your body, it is a warning signal that you should pay attention to. If those pair of heels are hurting more than usual, take them off. Put a pair of ballet flats in your bag so you can swap shoes when you need to. Exercises like heel stretch can feel bad when you first perform it, but stretching out the calf muscles can help alleviate the pain caused by wearing high heels. It is also important to remember to avoid wearing high heels constantly, perhaps it is time to swap to shorter heels, or omit them in your daily routine.

Proper Exercise

Every health professional will tell you that exercise is important to become stronger and healthier. In reality, it is not easy if you are starting to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, or going back in to an exercise routine. Your body needs to adjust to the changes in the increased activity, and sometimes it can be difficult. Weight loss is one of the more important lifestyle changes for a pain- free feet, as your feet will bear less weight when you lose the kilos. However, any exercise performed inappropriately can cause injury and strain. Engage in a personal trainer for the first few sessions as you ease into the new routine, not only it will help you realise your goals and limits, your trainer can also help set you up with an exercise plan.

Proper Exercise
There is no short term solution to walking or running pain free, however the journey is worth the effort. These are habits you can make to avoid getting pain on your feet, let’s face it, it is not a comfortable or nice feeling like knifes are poking at your feet every time you out them down. We can help you address your feet pain, and help you getting them back on track, all you have to do is make an appointment with us.